Arson is a significant offence generally punishable by lengthy periods of jail. There are five categories of arson in the Criminal Code:

Disregard for human life: Intentionally or recklessly setting a fire or explosion to property when the property is occupied or the fire or explosion causes bodily harm to another person.

Damage to property: Intentionally or recklessly damaging property not owned by the accused by fire or explosion.

Damage to property: Intentionally or recklessly setting fire or explosion to your own property where the fire or explosion threatens the health, safety or property of someone else.

Fraudulent purpose: Causing damage by fire or explosion with the intention of committing fraud.

Negligence: Failing to prevent fire or explosion at a property the accused owns or controls by failing to take reasonable care to prevent or control the spread of fires and explosion.


The consequences of being charged with arson are significant and immediate. Due to the severity of the offence, prosecutors often seek highly restrictive bail conditions. Throughout the prosecution, it is likely that experts will conduct a detailed and extensive investigation into the cause and consequence of the fire or explosion.

Due to the significance of being charged with arson, it is important to be represented by a highly-skilled and experienced defence lawyer. Cory Wilson has successfully represented clients charged with arson and will use that experience to best represent your defence.

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