There are many driving offences both under the Criminal Code and the Traffic Safety Act that carry significant penalties if convicted. These offences carry punishments from driving suspensions to lengthy periods of incarceration.


Some of the most common driving offences are:

Driving offences are a highly technical area of law with complex defenses. Most often, driving offence investigations are conducted on the side of the road at night. This environment frequently leads to significant deficiencies in the police investigation that we are able to exploit at trial.

Cory Wilson’s extensive knowledge and experience results in his clients consistently being found not guilty at trial or having their charges withdrawn by the Crown Prosecutor.

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Dangerous Driving FAQs 

  1. What is dangerous driving? 
  2. What are defences to dangerous driving?
  3. What is driving while disqualified? 
  4. How can I get my driving while disqualified charges dropped? 

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