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If you have been charged with a criminal offence in Cochrane or the surrounding area, you need a criminal defence lawyer with experience in the Cochrane criminal court system. Cory Wilson has successfully represented countless individuals charged with criminal offences in Cochrane and the surrounding area. 

Once charged with a crime, the most important choice you can make is hiring the right Cochrane criminal lawyer to defend you. Call Cory Wilson today for a free, no obligation consultation. 

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An Experienced Criminal Lawyer Can Help 

The criminal justice system is complex and incredibly difficult to navigate on your own. If you have been charged with a criminal offence, Cory Wilson can assist you by explaining the process, reviewing the evidence against you, providing a strong defence to the charges or getting you the best possible resolution. 

Review Your Case

Being charged with a criminal offence doesn’t mean that you are guilty nor does it mean you will be found guilty. Cory Wilson will review all of the evidence against you and assess the strengths and weaknesses of the case. After reviewing your disclosure, we will explain all of the details of your case so that you fully understand the allegations and can make an informed decision on whether to proceed to trial or enter a guilty plea.

Trial Defence

If you proceed to trial, you put the onus on the Crown Prosecutor to prove the entire case against you. This means that they must not only prove it was you who committed the offence, the Crown Prosecutor must also prove the essential elements of the offence beyond a reasonable doubt. Cory Wilson will create a defence strategy to aggressively defend you at trial. We will exploit weakness in the prosecutor’s case and introduce evidence to raise a reasonable doubt so that you will be found not guilty.

Get the Best Resolution 

Depending on the circumstances of your case, Cory Wilson will work to have your charges withdrawn or reduced. When you hire Cory Wilson, he will meet with the prosecutor to explain your personal circumstances and point out the weaknesses in the case against you. This often results in reduced charges and a much better sentencing position.

Criminal Offences in Cochrane 

Cochrane Provincial Criminal Court handles all criminal charges from theft and impaired driving to sexual assaults and arson. The most common criminal offences in Cochrane are impaired driving, assault, theft and drugs. 

Cochrane Criminal Defence Lawyer

Cory Wilson represents clients charged with all criminal offences in Cochrane and the surrounding area. Throughout his career, Cory Wilson has represented individuals accused of nearly every criminal offence at all levels of court. The most common offences we defend are:

Cochrane Criminal Lawyer

Impaired Driving / DUI

If you are charged with an alcohol-related driving offence, commonly known as DUI, you face a mandatory 90-day license suspension that prohibits you from driving immediately.  This means that from the moment you are charged, you can no longer operate a motor vehicle. If you are convicted, you face mandatory minimum fines, a driving prohibition and a criminal record that can affect your car insurance rates, employment and ability to travel. Even if you think you have no defence, don’t plead guilty before talking to Cory Wilson. He will review your disclosure and assess what defences you have. Even if you blew over the legal limit, you likely have many defences based on mistakes made by the police officer during the investigation including breaches of your Charter-protected rights. Just because you were charged with an offence, doesn’t mean you will be found guilty. 

Cochrane Criminal Lawyer

Domestic Assault

Domestic assault is no different than assault generally, except it occurs when the violence is directed at a family member, spouse or romantic partner. When charged with domestic assault, you will most likely be prohibited from returning to your home or having any contact with the complainant.


Cory Wilson has successfully represented clients charged with theft ranging from shoplifting to the largest investment theft in Canadian history. The majority of theft cases are shoplifting with low dollar amounts. In most of these situations, Cory Wilson can have your criminal charges diverted by entering you into the Alternative Measures Program. If you are accepted into the Program, you will have to complete certain conditions such as a charitable donation, community service or a letter of apology. Once complete, the criminal charges are withdrawn and you will be left with no criminal record. 


Fraud is a very broad criminal offence that ranges from altering a price tag to multi-million-dollar Ponzi schemes. While the charge is very similar to theft, fraud requires deceit or falsehood. Depending on the monetary value of the fraud, an accused may be charged with fraud under $5,000 or fraud over $5,000. These offences are often incredibly complex and include a high-volume of documents and forensic accounting reports.

Sexual Offences

Sexual offences are incredibly complex and encompass many different charges under the Criminal Code, including sexual assault, invitation to sexual touching, sexual interference, sexual exploitation and child pornography. Given the intimate and often highly-emotional nature of these offences, you need a highly-skilled and experienced lawyer who understands how to properly defend these charges.

Drug Offences

All drug offences are set out in the Controlled Drug and Substances Act and the Cannabis Act and have sentences ranging from discharges and probation to lengthy periods of jail. The most common drug offences in Cochrane are simple possession and possession for the purpose of trafficking. Even if you have a minor drug offence, a conviction may result in you being banned from entering the United States for your entire life. 


Cory Wilson is a highly experienced assault and domestic violence defence lawyer. Depending on the nature and severity of the allegations, Cory Wilson can likely have your criminal charges withdrawn by having you diverted into the Alternative Measures Program or by entering into a Peace Bond. Both of these options will leave you with no criminal record for the incident without the cost or stress of going to trial. 

Criminal Harassment

Criminal harassment or “stalking”, consists of repeated behavior that has the intention of harassing, frightening, annoying or other actions displaying obsessive and unwanted conduct directed towards another individual without lawful authority. Most often this is in the form of following a person and/or repeatedly calling, texting or emailing them.

Firearm Offences

Possessing a firearm in Canada is a heavily regulated activity, with the regulations primarily set out in the Criminal Code and Firearms Act. There are many firearms offences, most of which carry significant punishments if convicted including lengthy periods of incarceration.

Violent Offences

These offences include any crime in which a high-degree of violence is involved, including murder, home invasions, serious assaults, robberies and kidnappings. Violent offences are considered the most serious in the Criminal Code and are often investigated by specialized police units. The consequences of being found guilty of a violent offence are often lengthy periods of incarceration.

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To say Cory is on top of his game would not be doing justice to his ability to represent me and clear my name from the charges I faced. I met Cory when he was recommended to me as someone who was more than capable of dealing with my issues. From the outset, I was impressed by his demeanor and honesty with regards to the jeopardy I faced.

M. M.

Cory Wilson was instrumental in resolving my matters beyond my satisfaction. He provided clear and concise advice and was always forthright and his communication was great. I highly recommend Cory and his firm to resolve your matters.

A. G.

Best lawyer in the province! I have used Cory a couple of times and he has had the charges dropped each time. Awesome lawyer.


Mr. Wilson represented a close family member after he was falsely accused of sexual assault. After cross examining the girl, the prosecutor withdrew the charges. It was incredible to watch him just tear the women apart and expose all of her lies


Best Criminal lawyer in Calgary. Cory Wilson took great care of our son and made sure he didn’t get a criminal record. Cory was very approachable and always returned our endless emails and phone calls.


Mr. Wilson saved me two times in the past few years. Each time he was able to get the prosecutor to withdraw the criminal charge. He always answers my calls and explained what was going on. Best lawyer un Calgary for sure.


Absolutely BRILLIANT! You want this man on your side.


Cory Wilson is an excellent criminal defence lawyer. My matter was handled quickly and efficiently with an excellent outcome. I would highly recommend his services to anyone facing criminal charges.


If you are looking for the best criminal lawyer, go with Cory Wilson. He did a great job for me and saved me from a conviction two different times.


Cory and his team were terrific to work with. I never felt I was in the dark about my case and he always called to give me updates. In the end, my charges were withdrawn and I couldn’t be happier!


Cory Wilson understands that hiring a defence lawyer is expensive and often unexpected. For this reason, he offers his clients a flexible, no-interest payment plan. Each plan is individually tailored to the client’s needs and budget.

The first step in arranging a payment plan is to retain Cory Wilson. The retainer is a down-payment on services and is applied towards the final fee. Once the retainer has been made, you and Cory will discuss a suitable payment plan. Generally, the payment plan is structured so that the entire fee is paid prior to completion of the matter. Often, criminal matters take many months or even years to complete, so there can be great flexibility in payment options.

Payment plans can be arranged through automatic bank transfers, cash, VISA, Mastercard and post-dated cheques.

When charged with a criminal offence, it is highly important that you speak with a criminal defence lawyer right away. Often your first phone call is the most important because it generally means you are in custody and the police want you to give a statement. Once released, many people think that they don’t need a defence lawyer for a variety of reasons such as cost, they believe the charges are no big deal or they can just convince the judge that they are innocent. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system is a complex and difficult path to navigate. Just like you wouldn’t perform your own root canal, you shouldn’t try to defend yourself from criminal charges that can have a lifelong impact on your liberty, employment and ability to travel.

One of the most important considerations in hiring a defence lawyer is their experience representing individuals charged with the same offence as you. Not all criminal defence lawyers are made the same and it is important to ask questions about their knowledge and experience not in criminal law generally, but with respect to your specific charges. Some defence lawyers only practice in certain areas of criminal law, such as impaired driving, but claim to have significant experience in other areas. While they may have been a lawyer for 20 years, they may not have the specific experience you are looking for and need.

When choosing the right defence lawyer, it is imperative that you feel comfortable with the person you are choosing. You have to feel confident placing your life in their hands and knowing that they have your best interests in mind.

One of the biggest red flags in retaining a criminal defence lawyer is if he or she gives you a guarantee. If the lawyer guarantees they will get your charges withdrawn or win at trial, ask them to put it in writing and contingent on you paying them. If they are unwilling to do so, you know the guarantee means nothing. Unfortunately, with very rare exceptions, there are no guarantees in criminal law.

In the end, the right criminal defence lawyer is the one you feel the most comfortable working with and who can solve your problem effectively and efficiently.

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Determining the cost of defending a case depends on many different factors including, but not limited to, complexity, the volume of disclosure, type of offence, length of the anticipated trial and whether it proceeds to a preliminary inquiry.

Cory Wilson knows that every client is unique and our fee and billing arrangements are structured to reflect that reality. We pride ourselves on being completely transparent so that you can focus on your defence. Our fees are reviewed with you in detail to ensure the highest level of transparency.

Our legal fees are quoted as a flat rate fixed fee. This means you know exactly what your total fee is with no surprises. Too often people complain about lawyers’ hidden fees or last-minute demands for money. With our transparent fee structure, you can be confident that the price you’re quoted is the price you will pay.

Cory Wilson accepts cash, VISA, MasterCard, debit and e-Transfers.

You want your first meeting with your defence lawyer to be as productive as possible or you may leave with more questions than answers. One of the most important things you can do is to write out a detailed narrative of everything you can remember of the incident as well as any other related information. With each passing day, your memory will get worse and it could be the little things that make all the difference in your defense. This can be a working document and when you remember more details, they can be added. When writing out the narrative, make sure to make the title “For my lawyer in contemplation of litigation.” This will help protect the statement under solicitor/client privilege should it fall into the wrong hands.

Another important step prior to meeting with your lawyer is to write out all the questions you have. Meeting with a lawyer can be a stressful time and you may forget everything you planned on asking. Your lawyer will much prefer if you are prepared with a number of questions to discuss in person rather than getting ten emails shortly after your meeting. You need to have all of your questions answered so that you can make fully-informed decisions.

If you suffered any injuries during the incident, take as many pictures as you can and provide them to your lawyer when you meet. These can be injuries caused by the complainant, witness or even the police.

Lastly, you need to bring all of the documents you received from the police when you were arrested. It is important to bring these so that no court dates are missed and you can have all of your release conditions explained to you. If you have any other documents that you believe may be of assistance to your defence, it is important to bring those with you to your meeting.




Charges Withdrawn

S.V. was charged with theft under $5,000 after being caught shoplifting several pairs of sunglasses. She was caught red-handed and gave a full confession when confronted. She was a mother of two children and her employment required a clean criminal background.

Cory was able to have S.V. entered into the Alternative Measures Program on her first court appearance. After she successfully completed a small amount of community service, the charges were withdrawn.



Charges Withdrawn

B.S. and his younger brother were accused of sexually assaulting their younger sister for approximately 5 years in the 1970’s. The allegations were made in 2015 after the complainant had been estranged from the family for decades. If convicted, B.S. was facing a lengthy jail sentence. B.S. and his brother unequivocally denied the charges and pled not guilty. Cory cross-examined the complainant on her ever-changing versions of events and provable fabrications.

At the conclusion of cross-examination, the Crown …



Not Guilty

N.S. was charged with 13 offences including possession of cocaine, methamphetamine, fentanyl and heroin for the purposes of trafficking. He was also charged with two counts of possession of a firearm while prohibited, possession of a stolen firearm, careless storage of a firearm and proceeds of crime. At trial, Cory was able to prove that the officer who interviewed N.S. shortly after his arrest lied to him about his fingerprints being found on the gun case.

N.S. was found not guilty on all charges.



Charges Withdrawn

A.G. was accused of assaulting his wife, teenage son, and breaching both a recognizance and Protection Order. The allegations were made during an ongoing matrimonial and custody dispute between A.G. and his estranged wife.

A.G. was set to have three trials over the course of two weeks. Cory Wilson was able to have each charge withdrawn and A.G. did not face trial for any of the alleged offences.



Charges Withdrawn

After a night at a bar, C.R. was observed entering his vehicle and driving away. When police arrived, C.R. drove into the garage and exited the vehicle. Police requested C.R. exit the garage and was taken to the police vehicle where he failed to provide a breathe sample. The officer chose to detain C.R. in police custody for over 9 hours.

There was no justification for C.R.’s detention and the Crown withdrew both charges.



Charges Withdrawn

S.V. was charged with theft under $5,000 after being caught shoplifting several pairs of sunglasses. She gave a full confession when confronted. She was a mother of two children and her employment required a clean criminal background.

Cory was able to have S.V. entered into the Alternative Measures Program on her first court appearance. After she successfully completed a small amount of community service, the charges were withdrawn.

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Thank you very much to Cory Wilson for his excellent legal representation! The prosecutor wouldn’t withdraw the charge even though my ex was clearly lying about the charges. We went to trial and he proved that she was lying and I was found not guilty. If you need a criminal lawyer, call Cory Wilson.


“After I was charged with assault, I hired a lawyer I found online. He took my money, told me he would keep me informed and then never returned my calls. After weeks of hearing nothing, I hired Cory Wilson to take over my case. Each time I called Cory, he called me back. After representing me for only one week, he was able to get me into Alternative Measures and my criminal charge was withdrawn. Because of Cory, I don’t have a criminal record.”


“I highly recommend Mr. Wilson to anybody who needs a criminal lawyer. 10 out of 10!!”


“Cory did a great job on my case and I couldn’t be happier. His fees were very reasonable and he got me off my charges. I highly recommend Cory Wilson to anybody charged with a criminal offence.”


“I made a stupid mistake one night and was charged with impaired driving. I blew way over the legal limit and thought I had no option but to plead guilty. My friend recommended Cory Wilson because he got him off a couple charges. After I met with Cory, he explained that just because I blew over the limit, didn’t mean they could prove the case against me. We went to trial and after Cory cross-examined the cop, the prosecutor pulled the case and I won. I needed my license for my job and because of Cory, I am still working.”