The offence of mischief is broadly defined to cover most circumstances in which a person damages or destroys property that does not belong to them without authority to do so.

A person commits mischief if they intentionally:

  1. destroy or damage property;
  2. render property dangerous, useless, inoperative or ineffective; or
  3. interfere with another person’s use, enjoyment or operation of the property.


If the mischief renders the property dangerous and causes an actual danger to life, the offender can be imprisoned for life. Sentences for mischief range from discharges and fines to jail.

The prosecution must prove that the offender intentionally committed the act that caused the damage. Recklessness is sufficient to prove intention. That the accused did not intend to cause the degree of damage is not relevant to a finding of guilt, but it may be relevant when determining an appropriate sentence.

Being convicted of mischief can have lifelong consequences including impacts to employment and travel. Defending your mischief charge requires an experienced defence lawyer by your side. Cory Wilson has successfully represented countless individuals charged with mischief.

Alternative Measures Program

In certain circumstances, an accused person may have their mischief charge withdrawn by entering into the Alternative Measures Program. This is a program that diverts offenders from the traditional court system. Upon completing certain conditions such as counselling or community service, the mischief charge is withdrawn leaving the accused with no criminal record.

Often, the difference between entering the Alternative Measures Program or not, is having the right criminal defence lawyer. Cory Wilson works tirelessly to ensure that each client who is eligible for the program, is accepted into the program.

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Mischief FAQs

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