Robbery is the act of using violence or threats to steal or extort from another person. Essentially, any theft that is carried out with violence or threats of violence is considered robbery. Additionally, anyone who steals from any person while armed with a weapon or imitation weapon is deemed to have committed this offence. Importantly, the violence or assault does not have to be in furtherance of the theft itself – it only has to immediately precede or follow it.


The severity of the charge can also increase significantly if the act of robbery was made at the direction of or in association with a criminal organization. In cases of robbery involving a firearm, the minimum punishment is four years imprisonment. In cases involving home invasions that meet certain criteria, the sentencing starting point is eight years imprisonment. The different types of robbery can include everything from robberies targeting banks and businesses, home invasions, muggings and other types of theft involving confrontation with a victim.

Due to the significance of being charged with robbery, it is important to be represented by a highly-skilled and experienced defence lawyer. Cory Wilson has successfully represented clients charged with all forms of robbery and will use that experience to best represent your defence.

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