Assault is the intentional application of force to another person without their consent. Domestic assault is no different than an assault generally, except it happens in the context of a relationship such as marriage or dating. Although not classified differently in the Criminal Code, domestic assault has different implications for bail conditions and sentencing. Learn more


Penalties for Domestic Assault

A domestic assault charge has immediate and significant consequences including bail conditions prohibiting an accused from returning to their own residence and having no contact with the complainant or their children. These conditions can remain in place even if the complainant requests that they be removed. Potential sentences if found guilty of domestic assault can result in lengthy periods of jail.  Learn more.

The significant consequences of being charged with domestic assault requires an experienced lawyer by your side. Cory Wilson has successfully represented countless individuals charged with domestic assault. Learn more.

Peace Bond

It is very rare that domestic violence charges are simply withdrawn, even when the complainant requests that the charges be dropped. Depending on the severity of the allegations, an accused may enter into a Peace Bond in which they are bound by certain conditions such as counselling and abstaining from alcohol. Upon signing the Peace Bond, the criminal charges are withdrawn and the accused person is left with no criminal record. A Peace Bond is not a finding of guilt.

Cory Wilson’s experience, skill and close working relationship with the domestic violence Crown Prosecutors has consistently and continuously resulted in his clients’ domestic violence matters being resolved by Peace Bond.

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Domestic Assault FAQs

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