Murder is among the most serious criminal offences a person can face with a potential sentence of life in prison. Murder trials are incredibly complex and include issues such as intent, DNA, forensics, ballistics and undercover police operations known as Mr. Big. People facing murder charges require a highly skilled lawyer to deal with such complexities.

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First-Degree Murder

First-degree murder refers to a murder that is planned and deliberate. The plan to murder does not need to be elaborate or complicated and the deliberation need not be lengthy. For a person to be charged with first-degree murder, all that is required is that there was a plan to kill and that the killing subsequently occurred.

First-degree murder can also occur when the killing was a result of an exchange of money or anything else of value, the victim was an agent of the government such as a police officer, the killing relates to organized crime or terrorism, or if the killing stems from a sexual assault, forcible confinement or criminal harassment.

Second-Degree Murder

Second-degree murder is any intentional killing that is not caught by the requirements of first-degree murder. Generally, if a person does not plan and deliberate to kill, but still intended to kill, it is second-degree murder.

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