Do criminal defence lawyers offer payment plans?

Cory Wilson understands that hiring a defence lawyer is expensive and often unexpected. For this reason, he offers his clients a flexible, no-interest payment plan. Each plan is individually tailored to the client’s needs and budget.

Do criminal defence lawyers offer payment plans?

The first step in arranging a payment plan is to retain Cory Wilson. The retainer is a down-payment on services and is applied towards the final fee. Once the retainer has been made, you and Cory will discuss a suitable payment plan. Generally, the payment plan is structured so that the entire fee is paid prior to completion of the matter. Often, criminal matters take many months or even years to complete, so there can be great flexibility in payment options.

Payment plans can be arranged through automatic bank transfers, cash, VISA, Mastercard and post-dated cheques.

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Cory has represented individuals from all walks of life including lawyers, police officers, athletes, corporate executives, teachers, and everything in between. Cory believes in access to justice for every person charged with a criminal offence regardless of their economic background.

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