How Can I Remove a Peace Bond?

Do you have a peace bond ordered against you by a criminal court? You should not hesitate to discuss your options with a Calgary criminal defence law firm regarding the possibility of a peace bond removal. 

How Can I Remove a Peace Bond?

What is a Peace Bond?

Called a Section 810 Peace Bond, the most common type of peace bond in Calgary can be a favourable alternative to a criminal conviction for domestic or family violence or related offences. However, a peace bond can impose restrictions on your life and could result in serious charges and financial penalties if you are accused of violating the bond. Some restrictive conditions that can affect your life might include:

  • “No go” conditions, which prevent you from going to the victim’s home or place of work
  • Not to buy or consume alcohol
  • Not to attend places that primarily sell alcohol
  • Ineligibility to possess firearms
  • To engage in counselling

Your specific peace bond conditions will depend on what the judge deems necessary based on the specifics of your case. These conditions can last up to 12 months, and they can impact your life in many ways, including possibly banning you from going to your home or seeing your children. 

Can You Remove an Active Peace Bond?

The best chance you have to remove a peace bond is before the judge orders one. If the peace bond is not your preferred resolution to your case, your skilled criminal defence lawyer can work to prevent the peace bond from taking effect whenever possible. If you already have a peace bond against you, appealing it can be a highly complex legal matter that you should discuss with the right defence lawyer. A lawyer can tell you whether you might meet the standard to have a peace bond appealed and removed early.

Can You Vary a Peace Bond?

There might be a situation in which you want to adjust the terms of the peace bond. For example, if you and the victim want to reconcile or need to discuss matters such as shared finances or other family-related issues. This can be difficult to do with a no-contact order. A criminal defence lawyer can help request that the court vary the conditions so you can move forward with your normal life.

Can You Remove a Peace Bond from Your Criminal Record?

While your record will not show a criminal conviction, peace bonds can show up on many criminal record checks in Alberta. Many types of employers might not hire you if they see you had a peace bond, because it indicates you faced allegations of assault or domestic violence. While police forces have different policies about including peace bonds in records checks, you can never be sure that a peace bond will not show up and hurt your chances of employment.

If you had a peace bond, you should seek help from a criminal defence lawyer in obtaining a file destruction or expungement of your record. You do not have to let a prior peace bond continue to affect your career and other aspects of your life. There are options, and you should not hesitate to consult with the right defence firm. 

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