How do I get my dangerous driving charge dropped?

The most important first step getting your dangerous driving charge dropped is to hire a criminal defence lawyer with experience representing individuals charged with driving offences. Over the course of his career, Cory Wilson has successfully represented countless individuals charged with driving offences, including dangerous driving.

How do I get my dangerous driving charge dropped?

The most common way of having dangerous driving charges dropped is by negotiating the criminal charge to be lessened to careless driving under the Traffic Safety Act. A careless driving conviction is not a criminal conviction and does not appear on a criminal record. Generally, the penalty for a careless driving conviction is a fine and demerits on your driving abstract.

Another way to get a charge of dangerous driving dropped is to hire an experienced lawyer who can convince the Crown Prosecutor to withdraw the charges prior to trial. Cory Wilson frequently meets with Crown Prosecutors on a without prejudice basis to discuss the problems with the Crown’s case and to convince the prosecutor that there is no likelihood of conviction. Without prejudice means that the prosecutor can’t use the information learned in the meeting against the accused at trial or to further the prosecution.

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Cory has represented individuals from all walks of life including lawyers, police officers, athletes, corporate executives, teachers, and everything in between. Cory believes in access to justice for every person charged with a criminal offence regardless of their economic background.

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