How do I get my uttering threats charge dropped?

People often do not realize the significant consequences of making a threat. Many times, threats are made out of frustration or while blowing off steam. However, even if you had no intention to follow through on the threat, you could be convicted if the Crown proves you made the threat and did so to cause fear or alarm in the mind of the recipient.

How do I get my uttering threats charge dropped?

If convicted of uttering threats, you could be sentenced to probation, fines or a jail sentence. Generally, the sentence for uttering threats is relatively minor, but a criminal conviction could have lasting impacts on employment, travel and immigration.

Depending on the severity of the allegations, there are a number of ways to have your uttering threats charges dropped. The most important step is to hire an experienced criminal defence lawyer who can properly assess your case to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the case against you. Depending on the circumstances, the case against you may be so weak, for a variety of reasons, that your lawyer may be able to convince the prosecutor to simply withdraw the charges. Cory Wilson has a significant amount of experience defending those charged with uttering threats and has successfully had charges withdrawn numerous times.

If the prosecutor is unwilling to simply withdraw the assault charge, you may be eligible for a Peace Bond or Alternative Measures.

Peace Bond
Depending on the severity of the allegations, an accused may enter into a Peace Bond in which they are bound by certain conditions such as counselling, abstaining from alcohol and having no-contact with the complaint. Upon signing the Peace Bond, the criminal charges are withdrawn and the accused person is left with no criminal record. A Peace Bond is not a finding of guilt.

Cory Wilson’s experience, skill and close working relationship with the Crown Prosecutors Office has consistently and continuously resulted in his clients’ uttering threats charges being resolved by Peace Bond.

Alternative Measures Program 
In certain circumstances, an accused person may have their uttering threats charge withdrawn by entering into the Alternative Measures Program. This is a program that diverts offenders from the traditional court system and upon completing certain conditions such as counselling or community service, the uttering threats charge is withdrawn leaving the accused with no criminal record.

Often, the difference between entering the Alternative Measures Program or not, is having the right criminal defence lawyer. Cory Wilson works tirelessly to ensure that each client who is eligible for the program, is accepted into the program.