What are Peace Bond conditions?

A Peace Bond is a protection order made by a judge if the complainant has ongoing fear of the accused (section 810 Peace Bond) or if there is a concern the accused will breach the peace (common law Peace Bond). The conditions imposed on a Peace Bond are case specific and based on the underlying allegations and the relationship between the accused and complainant.

What are Peace Bond conditions?

When entering into a Peace Bond, a judge may impose specific conditions that are designed to prevent the accused from committing harm to the complainant or members of their family. The judge may also impose rehabilitative conditions such as alcohol and/or domestic violence counselling. Most often, the conditions are negotiated by defence counsel and the prosecutor. If the conditions are not agreed to, the judge will make the final determination.

Possible conditions that may appear on a Peace Bond are:

  • keep the peace and be of good behaviour;
  • no contact with the complainant, their spouse, or child;
  • no go to the residence or place of employment of the complainant, their spouse, or child;
  • abstain from using non-prescription drugs or alcohol;
  • no weapons other than those used for eating or preparing food or while employed;
  • complete community service hours;

Breaching any condition of a peace bond is a criminal offence and carries a maximum sentence of up to four years imprisonment.